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Meniscus Tear
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In between the bones that meet to form the knee joint are two wedge-shaped pieces of cartilage that act as a cushion and "shock absorber" for the joint. These pieces of cartilage are the medial meniscus and lateral meniscus. One of the most common sources of knee pain is due to a rip or tear in the meniscus. Athletes frequently injure menisci due to the bending, twisting, and sudden movements required by sports. BioSkin Knee braces are designed to alleviate pain with medical-grade compression and provide pressure-relieving support that allows the menisci to heal.

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  1. Meniscus Tear

    Excessive force while bending or twisting can tear the cartilage of the meniscus. Use a BioSkin knee brace to control swelling, relieve pain, and provide stability to the joint.
    Common Symptoms
    • Swelling or Stiffness
    • Pain While Twisting or Rotating Knee
    • Difficulty Straightening Knee
  2. Bioskin Basics
    Hinged Knee Skin - Wraparound
    As low as £79.96

    A lightweight and highly-adjustable hinged knee brace.

  3. Bioskin Basics
    Hinged Knee Skin
    As low as £74.95

    BioSkin’s classic hinged knee brace is made of comfortable materials and lightweight hinges.

  4. Bioskin Basics
    Knee Skin
    As low as £30.95

    A simple knee compression sleeve for comfortable support and pain relief.

  5. Bioskin
    Q Baby
    As low as £29.95

    A premium patellar tendon strap to relieve patellar tendon pain in active knees.

  6. Bioskin
    Patella Stabilizer
    As low as £59.95

    Designed to relieve anterior knee pain, reduce swelling, and stabilize the patella.

  7. OA Spiral
    As low as £298.99

    The OA Spiral is a lightweight, low-profile, knee brace for people with tibiofemoral and/or patellofemoral OA pain.

    • Clinically validated pain relief
    • High patient satisfaction
    • Easy to fit, apply, and use

6 Items

Product Name Price
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