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The knee is a complex joint at the intersection of four bones, connected by ten ligaments, controlled by at least 13 muscles, and protected by several layers of cartilage. All these tissues, working together in balance, allow us to walk, run, sit, stand, and so many other things. But that also means there's a lot that we can mess up.

When we design a knee brace, we seek to complement the body's natural biomechanics. We learn from anatomy and use that knowledge to create products that support the natural and healthy function of the amazing, human body.

Details Matter

In addition to creating products that are effective at relieving pain and protecting the body, we strive to create products that work well with the body and are comfortable for users. We focus on small details that improve the overall experience, like being careful with the placement of seams to keep them off sensitive areas like the back of the knee and using carefully selected, hypo-allergenic materials. When you purchase a BioSkin knee brace, you can be confident that you are receiving a product that is designed and manufactured with you in mind.

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  1. Knee
    BioSkin knee braces can help you recover from a wide variety of knee injuries and conditions. Our knee braces are thoughtfully designed for the right combination of comfort and support. Learn more about knee injuries on our Knee Injury Education pages.
    Common Injuries
    • ACL & Ligament Tears
    • Meniscus Tears
    • Patella Instability
    • Knee Sprains
    • Knee Osteoarthritis
  2. OA Spiral
    As low as £298.99

    The OA Spiral is a lightweight, low-profile, knee brace for people with tibiofemoral and/or patellofemoral OA pain.

    • Clinically validated pain relief
    • High patient satisfaction
    • Easy to fit, apply, and use

  3. Bioskin
    CrossFire Conforma - Pull On
    As low as £74.95

    Optimal support and control for knee instability, ligament injuries, and meniscus tears.

  4. Bioskin
    Patella Stabilizer
    As low as £59.95

    Designed to relieve anterior knee pain, reduce swelling, and stabilize the patella.

  5. Bioskin
    Q Baby
    As low as £29.95

    A premium patellar tendon strap to relieve patellar tendon pain in active knees.

  6. Bioskin Basics
    Knee Skin
    As low as £30.95

    A simple knee compression sleeve for comfortable support and pain relief.

  7. Bioskin
    Q Brace - Pull On
    As low as £69.95

    Adjustable patellar control for mild to moderate patellofemoral pain.

  8. Bioskin
    Q Brace - Wraparound
    As low as £74.95

    Adjustable patellar control for mild to moderate patellofemoral pain.

  9. Gladiator - Pull on
    Staff Favorite
    Gladiator - Pull on
    As low as £154.96

    Protect the ligaments in your knee with medical-grade compression and a 15 inch rigid hinge.

  10. Gladiator - Wraparound
    Staff Favorite
    Gladiator - Wraparound
    As low as £159.95

    Protect the ligaments in your knee with medical-grade compression and a 15 inch rigid hinge.

  11. Bioskin
    Q Lok - Wraparound
    As low as £159.95

    Heavy-duty pain relief and patella traction control from a lightweight BioSkin knee brace.

  12. Bioskin Basics
    Hinged Knee Skin
    As low as £74.95

    BioSkin’s classic hinged knee brace is made of comfortable materials and lightweight hinges.

  13. Bioskin Basics
    Hinged Knee Skin - Wraparound
    As low as £79.96

    A lightweight and highly-adjustable hinged knee brace.

  14. Replacement Dynamic Traction Strap
    As low as £15.00

    Replacement Dynamic Traction Strap: The traction strap is designed to track the patella medially, laterally, and place the patella back into the correct position in the trochlear notch.

  15. Replacement T-Strap
    As low as £10.00

    Replacement T Strap: The T strap prevents dislocation and may be secured in various positions to regulate the direction of traction on the patella.

14 Items

Product Name Price
Set Descending Direction

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