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Facet Arthopathy
Facet joints are the joints found along the spine. These joints work together with the intervertebral discs to limit motion and hold the vertebrae in proper alignment. As with any joint found in the body, the bones are line articular cartilage that can wear down with age. Worn down facet joints can lead to Facet Arthropathy which often causes pain in the low back. This pain worsens with twisting and bending backward and can feel like a dull ache in the lower region of the back. It is not usually associated with radiating pain in the legs but Facet Arthropathy can cause swelling in the joints which may encroach on nerve endings and cause radiating pain. BioSkin Back Braces are designed to relieve this pain with targeted, vectored compression to unload the pressure from the worn-down facet joints.

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