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Peroneal Tendon Strains and Tears
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The peroneal tendons, longus and brevis, run behind the lateral malleoli on the outside of the ankle. Either injury or overuse can weaken or damage these tendons, leading to pain and swelling on the outside of the foot and ankle. BioSkin Foot and Ankle Braces are designed to alleviate pain and speed recovery from peroneal injuries. Supportive straps mimic the function of the peroneals, allowing them time to heal, while medical-grade compression provides pain relief and enhanced proprioception.

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  1. Peroneal Tendon Strains and Tears

    The peroneal tendons are frequently injured during an ankle sprain. Use a BioSkin ankle brace to control swelling after injury and to protect the tendons and ankle joint from further damage.
    Common Symptoms
    • Swelling
    • Pain on Outside of Ankle
    • Difficulty Walking
  2. Bioskin
    AFTR Ankle Brace
    As low as £39.95

    A simple, supportive ankle brace to treat many foot and ankle injuries.

  3. Bioskin
    As low as £47.95

    Optimal support and swelling control after a surgery or ankle injury.

  4. TriLok Ankle Brace
    Staff Favorite
    TriLok Ankle Brace
    As low as £59.95

    The TriLok Ankle Brace is an easy, effective way to relieve the debilitating pain caused by plantar fasciitis and PTTD. The TriLok also provides unrivaled protection against ankle sprains. Works for either the left or right foot. Included in the package: TriLok Undersleeve, Stirrup Strap, and FootLok Strap

3 Items

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