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Post-op Pain & Swelling
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  1. Ankle Braces 3
After a foot and ankle surgery, pain and swelling can be expected. Controlling this post-operative edema will speed recovery and alleviate pain. BioSkin Foot and Ankle Braces are designed to do just that, using medical-grade compression and unique, supportive straps to reduce edema and provide stability to the joint.

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  1. Post-op Pain & Swelling

    After foot or ankle surgery, pain and swelling are common. Controlling the swelling speeds recovery and alleviates pain. BioSkin ankle braces and foot supports provide compression and stability during healing.
    Common Symptoms
    • Swelling
    • Stiffness
    • Difficulty Walking
  2. Bioskin Basics
    Standard Ankle Skin
    As low as £34.96

    A simple compression sleeve with light support for your ankle.

  3. Bioskin
    AFTR Ankle Brace
    As low as £39.95

    A simple, supportive ankle brace to treat many foot and ankle injuries.

  4. Bioskin
    As low as £47.95

    Optimal support and swelling control after a surgery or ankle injury.

3 Items

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